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Osler–Weber–Rendu syndrome: a rare cause of ferropenic anemia

Autor: Daniel Trabulo, Hospital da Luz Setúbal e Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Legenda: Picture 1 – characteristic lip and tongue telangiectasias

Legenda: Picture 2 – gastric angiectasia

Legenda: Picture 3 – colonic angiectasia

A 59 year-old woman, with ferropenic anemia, was submitted to upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. She
presented multiple telangiectasias in lips and mouth (picture 1) and mentioned spontaneous and
recurrent epistaxis. His father had a similar disorder. Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy showed multiple
gastointestinal angiectasias (picture 2 and 3). Bleeding from one gastric angiectasia was stopped using
argon plasma coagulation. Diagnosis of Osler- Weber- Rendu Syndrome was therefore made based on
the Curaçao criteria.